MEDIATE - Formaldehyde Gas Sterilizer
Dec.6th 2015 The7th Infection control and Sterilization Service in Hokuriku
Nov.28th 2015 The6th Workshop of Sterilization Service in Fukushima
Nov.25th to 27th 2015 HOSPEX Japan 2015
Oct.24th 2015 The20th Conference of Supply for Hospital
Oct.9th to 10th 2015 The49th General meeting of Japanese Association for Experimental Animal Technologigts
Sep.5th 2015 The13th Infection Control and Sterilzation Service in Kagawa
Feb.20th to 21th 2015 The30th Japanese Society of Environmental Infections
Feb.14th 2015 The30th Association of Central Severvices and Infection Prevention
Nov.12th to 14th 2014 HOSPEX Japan2014
Nov. 8th 2014 Okinawa Infection Control Association
Jul. 19th 2014 The42th Niigata Prefecture Affairs Association
Jul. 15th 2014 Infection control Seminar in Osaka
Jul. 12th 2014 The 6th Metoroporitan Sterilization Society
Jul. 12th 2014 Fukushima Prefecture Sterilization Affairs Association
Jun.21th 2014 Sterilization Study group Miyazaki
Jun.12th 2014 The24th Gunma Prefecture Central Sterilie Supply Association